Dr. Carl R. Turner is a man of excellence. The dynamic founder and pastor of Faith Soldiers Word Ministries, insists on the standard of excellence in every area of ministry. It is this standard that has caused the ministry to excel for more than two decades. Infused with a passion for the lost, he is dedicated to reaching the hurting, the forgotten, and the unloved. He has established several ministries that attend to these needs including: ministry houses, soup kitchen, food bank, jail and prison ministry.

Pastor Turner is not a man who was "raised in the church." He is a man that is raising up the church to a higher standard of excellence and prosperity in every area of life. "I know my assignment is to equip the Body of Christ with the tools they need to live successfully spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially," he says.

Pastor Turner is also known as being a "father to the fatherless" serving as a spiritual father to sons and daughters all over the country. God has anointed him with a peculiar anointing that attracts the youth of our generation, enabling him to destroy Satan's grip on their lives at an early age. Dr. Turner is truly impacting our city, county, state, nation, and world with the truth of God's Word!

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Michelle Turner has ministered side-by-side with her husband, Carl Turner, since the humble beginnings of the ministry in 1985. She has served in every aspect of the ministry ranging from leading worship to teaching in the nursery!

God has anointed her with the gift of compassion and serving, and she has done so with joy. Anointed with a special gift of prayer and healing, Michelle has touched the lives of many, enabling them to see that God saves, heals, and delivers.

In 2005, she launched Women of Wisdom, a group where she teaches from the Word of God the virtues and character of the Virtuous Woman.